Test more rapidly and frequently, from the cloud

Strio's on-demand environments allow you to perform better tests, more rapidly and frequently. Instead of having shared and hard to manage environments, create environments when you need it.

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Empower each team, each developer to run their own tests

With Strio, each developer or each team can now create their own test environments. No more broken staging environment, no more waiting that the environment is fixed or available. Everyone can now autonomously run their own tests via their own on-demand environment.
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Test from the cloud

Testing locally is great and serves many needs. But it does not allow to reproduce with high fidelity what will happen once it will move to the cloud. Strio lets you test from the cloud and without any constraint, with the same ease than locally.
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Run integration tests

Running integration tests can be difficult when you have heavy dependencies: a database, an ElasticSearch cluster, other internal services, ... Just create an environment once for your Pull Request or your branch, and run your integrations tests against it to reduce your time of test from too long to nothing.
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Add Production data

Simulate Production behavior by adding your own Production data to run the most realistic tests. Specify the databases and the tables that we need to copy, or the storage that we need to access to copy blob files. Add a special processing like renaming, anonymisation or a custom script to the process to make it even more adapted to your environment.
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Anonymization of data

Because privacy and compliance matter, Strio anonymizes your data set, so that no personal data will be shown while doing your tests. Just specify the sensible columns in your data pipeline and we will replace those columns with SHA256 hashes. Preserve statistical properties, while staying privacy-compliant.
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Managing environments becomes simple

Managing numerous environments in addition to Production can be overwhelming at times. Forget about that with Strio. Create and delete environments on-demand, so you do not have to worry about maintaining them. Because they are based on the last Production state, environments created with Strio are always up-to-date.
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About Us

Strio is a 🇫🇷 French startup that aims to make deployment automation for humans.