On-Demand Environments, For Better Testing

With Strio, deploy fully provisionned environments in seconds to meet all your testing needs.

Generate on-demand environments for testing

Forget about the trouble managing staging or test environments: bottlenecks created by multiple people working simultaneously on the same environment, conflicts, broken environments or unpredictable costs.

Strio generates fully-provisioned and on-demand environments to help you forget about managing environments.

Test earlier, deliver faster.


Cycle time reduction


Bugs in Production reduction

Branch drawing

Deploy an environment per branch

Deploy one environment per pull or merge request. Each branch will have a dedicated environment to perform tests on.
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Run complex test on dedicated environments

If you need to run complex and lengthy tests, Strio allows you to deploy quickly an environment to run them and avoid blocking others.
List of tests performed

Perform all your tests on Strio

Whatever test you need to perform, Strio is the best support to it. Run your manual tests, or use Strio to perform tests in your CI.
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Test everything, from containers to databases

Strio deploys isolated environments from scratch, so you can deploy and test anything risk-free!
Ready to boost your environments?

About Us

Strio is a 🇫🇷 French startup that aims to make deployment automation for humans.