Share your project with stakeholders

With Strio, share what you coded, whether it be a commit, a feature or a whole product! Easily create ephemeral environments that you can use to present demos of your work.

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Review for your team

Strio facilitates access to the shipped code within your team. Allow anyone who is interested in reviewing the code to check the result on a temporary environment created with the Pull Request. Let your Tech Lead make this final check before release, or your Product Owner have a look at this new feature currently being built.
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Demos for your prospects

Ephemeral environments can be used to make demos to your leads. Sales teams can now generate a personnalized simulation of your product to your potential customer, to show them what the product would look like for their specific use.
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Demos and isolation for your customers

Show your customers what this new POC would look like on their platform with a sneak preview. Easily isolate each customer's content.
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Grant specific access rights to your team members

Specify permissions for each member of your team, to only give access to what they need. Choose the type of actions that can be performed, and the resources where they can be performed. These permissions can be defined by user, team and role.
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About Us

Strio is a 🇫🇷 French startup that aims to make deployment automation for humans.