Cost limitation and visibility

With Strio, manage your cloud costs like never before. While cloud resources can be sometimes difficult to understand and plan, Strio gives you more control over your infrastructure spendings, allowing you to set a predefined budget, visualize your costs and switch off environments whenever you want.

Switch off button

Automatically switch off environments

No more forgotten running environments that cost you a lot more than expected at the end of the month! With Strio, your test environment is destroyed once it has been used. You can either set a timer or switch the environment off automatically once the branch or Pull Request is merged.
Control pannel

Monitor your infrastructure spendings

Finally understand and plan your infrastructure spendings. Get access to a dashboard that lets you visualize what you are spending on. Strio tags resources automatically, or lets you tag them manually.
Cost planning icon

Cost simulation close to reality

Plan the cost of a POC or a new project and set a limit for your monthly infrastructure budget by team or by project, so you can be sure that you will not receive a crazy bill.
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About Us

Strio is a 🇫🇷 French startup that aims to make deployment automation for humans.