Strio generates fully-provisioned environments that include containers, data and dependencies, opening endless possibilities to boost your development workflow.

Configure and deploy environments in minutes

A screenshot of containers configuration

Manage your containers

Configure them manually or let Strio get their configuration automatically from your configuration files, such as Helm charts of Kustomize.

Deploy any kind of dependency

If your project requires a specific element such as a database, cache or storage to function, Strio lets you specify what you need, either manually or through a Terraform file.
A screenshot of dependencies list

Process and import data automatically

With Strio, you can run jobs to provision an environment with data right after its deployment, restore a dump or even import data directly from one of your database.
A screenshot of data configuration

Keep track of your deployments

Strio's dashboard keeps track of all your environments and gives you access to their metrics. Easily retrieve the cost associated to these environments.
A screenshot of Strio's dashboard

Integrates with all your tools

Strio supports multi-cloud and hybrid cloud configurations and integrates with your favorite tools, so you can continue to work with the tools that you use and love.

Ready to boost your environments?

About Us

Strio is a 🇫🇷 French startup that aims to make deployment automation for humans.