Production-like environments, on demand.

Strio creates temporary and easy to set-up environments with anonymized production-like data, so it becomes easy to run tests and get valuable feedback on your changes.

Create your environment in just three steps.

We know that dealing with staging or QA environments can be a pain: bottlenecks created by multiple people working simultaneously on the same environment, broken environments, unpredictable costs, etc.

Strio fits seamlessly into your workflow. It does not require any complex set-up, which means that everyone in your team will be able to deploy his own environments. Just follow these three steps to launch your environment:

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Connect your repositories

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Deploy at every pull request

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Test your services

Deploy your containers in a breeze

Deploy easily all the containers you need on your environment with your current Helm Charts and Docker compose files.
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Configure their ports and get an endpoint automatically created for each of them.
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Monitor their logs and basic metrics easily from one control panel to keep an eye on them.
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Create production-like infrastructure easily

Cloud infrastructure can be created easily and can be imported from current Terraform configurations.
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Just specify your database, cache, storage, along with their sizing and we will deploy it for each new environment.
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Enforce budgets and guidelines to make sure you control the costs of those environments.
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Process and import automatically data from production

To get as close as possible to Production, Strio imports production-like data and processes it.
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Configure your sources like databases or storages, the ratio of data needed and their location (tables, folders, etc).
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To help you protect your customers privacy easily and stay compliant, specify the sensible fields or columns and we will anonymize the data.
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Manage links and dependencies

If your application needs a service developed by another team, deploy it along in your environment.
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Just configure the versions and dependencies needed and we deploy them as well.
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Their containers and infrastructure will be deployed, and their data can be selected according to your goal with this environment.
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Use Cases

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Increase your test frequency and speed

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Manage your infrastructure costs

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Create demos for your team, customers and prospects

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Integrates with all your tools

Strio supports multi-cloud and hybrid cloud configurations and integrates with your favorite tools, so you can continue to work with the tools that you use and love.

Why Strio?

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Microservices Friendly

Strio asks for your dependencies and deploy them with the new version of your service to enable full integration testing.

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Empower your developers

Strio empowers your developers to run their own environments and tests.

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Don’t run servers 24/7

We only deploy what you need, at a lower scaling, and destroy it when finished.

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Test on real data

Strio takes the production data and anonymizes it to create meaningful data to test on, for all your needed services.

Ready to boost your environments?

About Us

Strio is a 🇫🇷 French startup that aims to make deployment automation for humans.

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